Race On

Race On Demo

Touring on ice


  • Real circuits
  • Licensed cars


  • Poor graphics
  • Over sensitive physics

Not good

Race On aims to bring the excitement of the World Touring Car Championship, Swedish Touring Car Championship, US muscle cars and more to your PC.

This demo lets you race one circuit in either the American Dodge Charger, or Seat Ibiza. Both options allow you extensive set ups, as well as practice and qualifying. You can choose your difficulty level, and configure controls and car set up.

As soon as you get into a race, the problems with Race On become apparent. Aside from the outdated graphics, even on novice setting, your car is jittery and delicate, and almost impossible to take round corners at speed. It's slightly easier with analogue controls, but on the keyboard, Race On is virtually unplayable to all but the most expert of drivers.

The two cars offered in the demo are certainly very different, but as both are so awkward to drive it's difficult to enjoy them. The Ibiza should be an aggressive road hugging drive, and the Dodge a rear-wheeled beast but both just handle as if they are driving on ice. Simulation lovers might enjoy some of this, but there are much better sims out there, and Race On is totally inaccessible for novices.

Poor graphics and terrible handling mean Race On needs to improve a lot for the full version to be a contender.

Race On


Race On Demo

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